Beverly Hills, California
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If you are looking for homes for sale in a well-known zip code area, check out all the real estate opportunities available in Beverly Hills California. Originally purchased in 1900 for the Amalgamated Oil Company, the land that would become Beverly Hills initially started as oil fields. The land proved to be unproductive for oil, but another element would become crucial to the development of the town. The town had a great supply of one of the most important commodities in Southern California-water. This precious commodity would be the center of the development of the town. The famous Beverly Hills Hotel was built on the site of the Gathering of the Waters in 1912. For more history and details, go to:

Parks and Recreation

The city has several parks and recreational activities available for new residents to enjoy. The Beverly Canon Gardens includes 33,000 square feet of landscaped gardens and water features as well as walkways and outdoor dining areas. The city also has locations such as Coldwater Canyon Park, Greystone Park, the La Cienega Tennis Center, the Will Rogers Memorial Park and more. There are also several mini-parks throughout the city. 


There are also many attractions and activities for Beverly Hills residents. The city has a number of local golf courses, including the Pine Ridge Country Club and the Twisted Oaks Golf Club. There are other attractions and activities around the city such as the famous Rodeo Drive, Mullholland Drive, the Spadena House, the Virginia Robinson Gardens, local bus tours, the Center For Motion Picture Study, the Mouche Gallery and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation to name a few. The city is a popular location for tours of the homes where movie stars, past and present have lived. 


With the close proximity to Hollywood, there are plenty of events in the city, both related to the movie industry and other venues for new residents to attend. There are many concerts, live theatre performances and of course, movie premieres. The city also includes art fairs, festivals and lots of nightlife events. They even have a local farmers market where you can get fresh produce and products. When you want to experience true Beverly Hills California fashion, check out all the local clothing boutiques and salons. There is plenty to see and do in this famous California residence.

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